At the moment, bone marrow and bone fragments containing valuable stem cells are discarded as waste during routine bone marrow operations. The potential of these stem cells lies primarily in their use for regenerative therapies, such as the treatment of bone fractures. The aim of the BONEBANK project is to harvest these stem cells with new instruments and methods and to store them in a cross-border biobank. This valuable resource can thus be made available for therapeutic purposes or for research into advanced therapies.

Usage of Results

BONEBANK addresses various target audiences:

  • Clinicians and hospitals implement the BONEBANK approach to harvest bone marrow stem cells during routine operations.
  • Public and/ or private biobank operators are part of the BONEBANK value chain to store and market stem cells.
  • Public researchers use bone marrow stem cells for research purposes.
  • Life Science Industry (Medtech, Biotech, Pharma) purchase bone marrow stem cells for research and the development of therapies.
  • Politicians and the general public understand the potential of bone marrow stem cells for regenerative medicine and the value of the BONEBANK network for the cross-border region.
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Usage of Stem Cells

BONEBANK creates the preconditions for a diverse field of applications of stem cells in the process of bone healing:

  • Personal use by donors
  • Donation for other patients
  • Storage for future personal use or for use by immediate family members
  • Basic research for the benefit of the general public
  • Development of personalised diagnostics, drug development and therapies in the German-Danish border region